How to hang out with an old crush?

Long story short, I liked him, but I waited too long. I found out he liked me through a mutual friend, but he was away for the summer and met a girl at home. We remained friends, but we both started drifting because I created space to get over him. We haven't talked in a while, but he texted me the other night and said he was moving out of state for a while and I suggested we hang out before he left . he said "yeah, for sure. we should get drinks of something". - > does that "something" mean anything?

at any rate, because I suggested it, I think I'm sorta obligated to have a plan available. what's fun way to hang out when I'm not completely over him and his girlfriend and him have recently split? I'm not trying to get with him because he'll be half way across the country, but I want it to be memorable. any ideas?

- he's shy/awkward

- we're both poor

- he hates anything 'trendy' like hipster labeled stuff even tho he's a freaking hipster lol


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  • get lunch

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