What could I text her?

To make a long story short, I worked with 2 girls K and L after about 2 years I was practically crazy about K and I thought she liked me but I talked more with L, turns out I was wrong about K she didn't like me but I pressed and I pressed and eventually got blocked on Facebook by her and her bro, then I moved on to another girl, then K's cousin, that didn't workout so hot either and I got blocked by her too. **mr smooth right here** anyway, I've still talked with L on and off and even more now that its summer, K doesn't work with us anymore, but here and L are really good friends (quite possibly best friends) I've got L's phone number and have texted her a bit, I'm not very good at it though and I'm not really sure what to say, I tried to get her to come to the gym with me and a mutual friend one time and she made up excuses and started dating another guy (who looked very much like a tool) a few days later, during that time she kinda seemed to put me on the back burner but now she's been single for about a month and I've been trying to lay on the flirting pretty thick, I've never had a girlfriend though so I don't know how well I'm doing, she did call my cash register from hers a few days ago and she said what's up hot stuff, and I wasn't really sure how to respond so I acted casually, she's responding to all of my texts again but like I said I'm not sure what to talk about, I'm kind of a nerd that doesn't get out much, although we both work at the same place I'm pretty sure she doesn't have to pay rent, I do though so am always near broke, I don't have a car and I'm not sure if she knows that or not, I'm sure the stuff that happened with K doesn't look good on my part either(but I don't know how much she knows) and I sorta wonder if she just seems me as an older brother, I am 24 and she is 19, so there is a bit of a gap, but I'm in no position to date women my age simply because of my "flaws", so what I want to know is what are some things I could text her about and maybe what are some ways I can tell if she's interested in more than just friendship?


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  • I hate to break this to you but if L and K are best friends there is girl code not to date a best friends ex even if you didn't officially go out. Although when you text never do the "hey what's up""not much you?" you want to sound like your actually busy/don't reply straight away. When texting make it flirty you don't always have to ask questions. Its really hard to describe how to text someone but use smileys and winks.. say cute things like morning sunshine, I'm sorry I can't really explain just make the texts not boring and fun :)

    • girl code? or hey your not dating him even if you are madly in love with him because he was in my past...seems selfish to me

    • See I'm thinking that it might be possibe that K turned me down a few times and what not because she knew L liked me, of course I could be completely wrong.

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