Is it just me or are women more receptive to IM Chat on here than on dating sites?

Long time back, I'd try chatting with girls on a dating site, no go.

I log in on here and I get bombarded with tons of messages and it's not always about needing guy advice.

Why is that?

FYI, the reason I ask this is some girls on here have asked me out, I didn't want to write it because I didn't want to sound pompous or whatever. My main curiosity is why women would not want to chat on a dating site where people try to get to know each other, and would want to chat on here when its not a dating site and some girls on here would be looking for a date. On dating sites girls write that they don't want to be IMed from guys they don't know, but on here I get IMs from girls IDK.


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  • Friendlier? Less pressure? People can talk without everyone thinking they want something out of it, imo. On a dating site that's what you're there for - dating. So I would assume everyone analyses things much more, and is more judgmental of your behaviour/things you say/etc.

    This is just a more relaxed atmosphere, I think.

    • Yea, some girls on here are asking me out on dates, that's why I ask this question

    • Ahh, shoulda included that in your question :P I have no idea, in that case.

  • Because on a dating site you are searching for a partner, not here.. lol isn't thta obvious? :-)

    • Not when some girls on here are asking me out, or asking me to go over to their city to hang out

    • You did not write that smartass ;-)

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