Staying just friends after a first date?

1st Night in club.. we're both drunk kissed fooled around a little (no sex)

1st Date I'm a little drunk again kissed and fooled around again.

How do you now say I just want to be friends?

to add... I haven't had contact with her since Saturday (cancelled second date), but added her on fb after.


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  • stop asking her out, stop saying yes if she asks you out

    • why did you add her on fb?

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  • Why did you add her to FB? Don't do that with girls you are dating from now on, really. Only problems.

    Do you really want to stay friends? If not, delete her, that will help.

    If you do, just call & tell her you just don't think this is a good fit. I wouldn't even think of using the "friends" word. That's like a slap in the face. You could tell her that you think she is fun to hang out with & you hope you can call her to do that sometime.


What Guys Said 1

  • just let her know how you feel, she should understand.

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