Would you ever a date a girl who has a child? Why?

I'm 25 with a 7 year old little girl that I adore with all of my heart. I've been dating a guy for 5 months now and he just told me that he's freaked out about dating a girl with a kid. I know it's scary and most guys I date don't ask me out for a second date when they find out I have a child. But my current beau had been around for 5 months now, my daughter has become use to him being around, and I just don't know what to do now.

I guess all I can do is wait to see if he sticks around :( Would you guys out there ever consider dating a girl with a kid?


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  • This question came up recently from someone else here in this forum, and I provided this answer:

    "It depends on the guy, and whether he wants an "instant" family. I would think that any guy who is attracted to you, would consider that part of the relationship. There is no way to separate the two. So if he loves you, he will love your daughter. I speak from experience here. I am in love with a girl who has a four year old. The baby's father abandoned her when she was three months pregnant. I am older, and have already raised three other daughters, and now I'm going to marry her. (I'm divorced) I already accept her child as mine. I would actually like to have another baby with her, too! Children add to a relationship." This advice applies to you as well. The fact that your current beau has been with you as long as he has, is encouraging! I hope everything works out for you. You sound like a nice person, and a good Mom! Good luck!


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  • Well some thoughts that could be going through their minds....

    1) The kids won't like him

    2) The ex-husband will constantly be in the picture

    3) He will never be a priority, or doesn't want to compete for attention

    4) Doesn't want to be the "replacement" father-figure, and maybe that's the only reason you are interested in him

    5) Guys don't like being trapped or forced into something they didn't have in mind, so if they don't know a woman has kids to begin with, they will react badly if it was kept a secret

    Personally, I don't mind dating a woman with kids. I'd prefer to have my own kids at some point, and it would be discouraging if she was unable to have any more or was unwilling. That would be the only deal-breaker for me. Also, I can relate to #2 and #4. If the guy was dumb enough to leave a good woman and a child, he shouldn't be in the picture at all.

    I would say, just hold out for a good guy who like kids and wants to be with you. Just make sure you are getting remarried for YOU.. not just to have a father-figure for your daughter. If you don't really need another guy in your life, then it's not so horrible to be a single parent. One loving, doting parent is always better than one loving parent and a stranger that thinks badly of you or is just distant emotionally.

  • I always said that I would never let kids slow me down until I started going out with my last gf. We were together about a year and a half when we broke up, and I can honestly say that I miss her daughter more than I miss my ex! I went from being a ''loner'' to wanting kids of my own now. I wouldn't hesitate for a second going out with a girl that has kids... as long as she is a good mother.


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  • If a guy freaks out because you have a kid then obviously he is not the guy for you. Freaking out means there are not ready for any responsibility. If a man loves you, he loves your child. I am a single mom 28 I have a 7year old daughter and a 3 year old son. I have had a boyfriend that loved my kids and another that didn't. The thing is I am not interested in a guy who is not going to be interested in me as a whole, whole as of three. You should not either. There are a lot of guys that have kids and love kids and love the woman they date with kids. Question is trying to find someone like that.

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