This guy keeps on suggesting we hang out, but he puts the ball in my court, what do I say?

We have a romantic past together...we liked each other a lot.

This guy is very flirty and keeps on saying we should hang out, however, he knows I have a busy life...he keeps on saying stuff about hanging out and he says whenever is good. Stupid question, but what do I say to him to tell him I want to hang out?

Also, would you just say this without any real intention of following through with those plans?


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  • If the ball is in your court then take a shot. Its simple, if you have his number then just text him something like "hey, I was thinking about getting a coffee and I was wondering if you wanted to come along."

    If you're more witty then think of something clever or cheesy to make him smile. If the guy likes you he will jump at the chance and if he doesn't its quite possible he may have a legit excuse. The fact is if he doesn't respond he isn't interested.

  • -Find a day that works for you

    -Call him up and tell him that's the day you can hang out


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