Has the younger generation lost all there social skills or what? You can't go out and meet people?

I don't get something here. You see all the ads on TV and billboards everywhere on the net. Online dating sites or sites for sex or anything. Has the younger generation lost all there social skills or what you can't go out and meet people. I mean it seems the more tech option we get online as in shopping or anything people loose a personal skill set I see people who give out a email or say hit me up on Facebook are we that far gone that face to face interaction or conversation is dead you have to type it. I use online for lots of things but never meeting people or dating what is going on


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  • You are right. I have recently started dating, after 30+ years and grown men will say "I'll shoot you a text." I don't want to be shot anything. Call me! lol People don't want to meet, they want to email & text. I really don't.

    Weird, I know. And I don't do bars, never did.

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    • Well you sound interesting what part of the USA are you from. Age? Or you can email me. Gogators1978@gmail.com I know it's funny off what I said here but I don't post my number on here lol

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    • Oh, I emailed yesterday. I'll try again.

    • OK, just emailed again. Did you get it?

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  • Why don't you just friend me on here?

    • Kind if new to this site but would like to get to know you

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  • I know I am part of that generation