My group seminar made guys hate me! HELP

I'm in a bind... it all started when a few girls in my college class decided to hold a seminar about *drum roll* the differences between the sexes. It was a sequence of seminars and we were supposed to form groups and choose a topic. I was kind of left out so I joined these girls, who had already decided on the theme. They also told me their intention was to stress the natural aptitudes of women while avoiding the talents men typically possess. I thought why not this could be fun so I played along...

In the day of the seminar I didn't think people would take it so seriously, after all this was our first activity in class and we're all freshmen, it was just to make the students socialize with each other etc. Things is, as the presentation went by I could sense a lot of negativity from the guys, there wasn't any arguing but after that occasion all the guys give us dirty looks and never talk to us!

What's worse, this cute guy that I used to talk and flirt with now won't even acknowledge me. I feel like I've unwittingly ruined my chances with guys in my class... how can I possibly turn this around? Help me please...


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  • I am at a loss to know what you did wrong. The only thing I can come up with is that the propaganda of modern mass culture wants to tell us that we are identical except for breasts and concave versus convex groins. The notion that we are differently talented goes against that.

    In fundamental essence, men are designed to kill game, fight wars and train boys to be men. Women, by contrast, are designed to multi-task; village industry and child nurturing concurrently and with passing language and civilization, created by and for the protection of women and children, to daughters. Yopu, not we, possess sex and primary virtue.

    What do you do? Stand your ground. Real men (George Clooney and, of course, Bond come to mind) versus a metrosexual lizard like David Schwimmer in "Six Days Seven Nights", will like you.

    As they said back in my parents day: "Knockers (boobs) UP!", meaning stand straight with your head held high.

    • She isn't a man hater. She's a traditionalist. She has the gall to believe men and women are different.

    • the thing is our whole seminar was pretty much "women are great, men suck", it was very biased but I thought they wouldn't take it to heart...

    • You said "They also told me their intention was to stress the natural aptitudes of women while avoiding the talents men typically possess." I mistakenly thought it was to show differences,. not bias. I AM out of touch.

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  • That sucks. You can fix it with a presentation on why men are great and women aren't. That should get you back in favour and shake off the idiots.

    • Actually...that might that a possibility?

  • If you like guys, don't show yourself to be a man-hater. Seems pretty obvious.

  • Yawn...they will get over it...just make sure that your demeanor is not that of a radical man-hater and this too shall pass...after all...they are still horny and starstruck...r they not? you have too much to offer for them to ignore you for very long...also...can you not explain yourself to that one male?

    • I don't think you're right. No matter what's said, any guy who was around when she was bashing men will have that in the back of his head.

      It's no different than how women feel toward misogynists.

    • Yeah...well you might be right...on the other hand...alot of peoples' views can changed or turned around...might take some doing...

    • Can't argue with that.

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