How fast should things go?

I understand that things will be different for everyone but how fast should things go in the beginning part of a relationship in your opinion (lets say first 3 months)? How often should you go on a date with the person within a week? 1, 2, 3 dates? Outside of the dates themselves, how often would you see them (i.e. chill with or work on school/work)? How often to you talk to them within a week-should it be by phone or text? How much physical contact do expect to happen in this time period? thanks!


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  • Very beginning, like first 3 mths I would say 2-3 times per week seeing them. once during the week once at weekend maybe. Then as things progress and you get closer and things going well, then can up it a little if the situation allows to 3-4 times per week,

    I would expect some texting for sure, maybe a few times a week, inbetween dates, to keep in touch and keep the interest alive. If you distance yourself too much perhaps in a bid to seem mysterious she may lose interest from thinking you're not so keen. So best to text a little and keep in touch inbetween dates. Keep the excitement alive. (now I don't mean hound her!)


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