Girl still likes me but she's with someone now?

A girl and I worked together last year and we were with each other twice there is a real connection between us , but when she left I never got to say goodbye and she kept walking past me that day talking to me but she presumed id know it was her last day .

She left for college for the year and her friends have told me how much she likes but the last day I bumped into her and she was with a guy in a car prob someone she's seeing . Because I never met her in months how can I get with her now ,I know she def still likes me but she's prob moving on , is there any hope now , I would really like to apolagise and ask her out when I see her again .But she's with that guy now and I think about her always , What is the best advice for me now



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  • If you are sure that she still has feelings for you or that there is still a connection between you two then the best thing to do is just be friends with her at the moment. It is never a good idea to break a couple up right of the back. Be there for her as a friend and let her now that your definitely an option for her without directly saying it to her. If she likes you she will eventually end it with the other guy and be with you. If you notice that she has a great amount of feelings for the other guy it would be best to take a step back from the whole scenario because with you back in her life she might be confused and choose you but might not be happy with the relationship which will only bring you and her pain. You will definitely need patience in this problem. Good Luck. What ever happens be positive.


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