Would this cause a problem?

While I was single and a couple years younger I joined a forum for guys. It centers around guy topics such as sports and "babes". Well the site went through a major transition and I was asked to help out. I figured I would and now I am a bigger contributor.

The site is on the verge of having a bigger public push and I want to keep helping out because I have become friends with these people and I think it could end up earning me a decent amount of money. The focus of girls has become bigger because that is what brings in new guests. Girls are not naked but are all attractive and are wearing next to nothing.

My worry is if I keep contributing and am looking at this site as my relationships become more and more serious would it cause a problem in the relationships I am in. I have had successful relationships and I am very respectful towards women. The website is not porn and is used to mainly encourage guy discussion. We have had female members as well.

Bottom line is.

Girls: If your boyfriend told you. hey I am apart of this site but I just do it on the side and am completely committed to you would you be ok?

Guys: Would you keep it a secret and just try to keep it going as long as you can or would you come clean and if so when?


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  • I think that's great that you care enough about your girlfriend and that you're doing your best to make your relationship as good as possible. TWO THUMBS UP!

    About the site.I admit that I would be somewhat bothered if my boyfriend did something like that.although I don't know if that holds true for every girl. My boyfriend had several online female friends at one time, and even though I knew about all of them because he doesn't keep secrets from me, it still made me feel a bit funny (as hard as I tried to brush it aside) and a bit jealous since some of them were either more attractive than I am or scantily dressed.I don't think it was technically cheating, so I felt angry with myself for being bothered by it. I refused to bring it up in any conversations because of this. If he had asked me, I probably would've fibbed and said it didn't bother me because I didn't want to seem needy and clingy.HORRORS! lol Thankfully, my boyfriend either sensed that I didn't like it, or just decided for some reason to stop. I was SO THANKFUL that he did it of his own initiative, and not because I made him. That meant the WORLD to me.

    So if you want to do something that will mean the WORLD to your girlfriend, tell her that you've handed the site over to other hands. It sounds like a good idea, so don't dump it completely. She will feel like a PRINCESS.

    But if you don't feel ready to do that, then just keep doing what you're doing.it probably won't destroy your relationship, but it won't help either.

    Do what you think is best, and good luck either way! If you have any other questions just comment on this post. Thanks.


    • Its not like I am talking to these girls. I have no contact with em. Its more of just a conversation starter for the others. I am not drawn to the girls. Hell, if anything it makes me appreciate my girlfriend even more because I just get over loaded with a lot of girls that are lacking taste and a level of class.

      I do see what you are saying with the fact it wouldn't help the relationship. Thanks.

    • Ok, well I wasn't quite sure. If you're not talking to the girls or anything, then I don't see how it would hurt your relationship. But I am dead serious about it making your girlfriend feel like a princess for you to give it up; look at it this way...you are absolutely not doing anything wrong, but it might make her feel uncomfortable. But don't hide it from her at least. It's really nothing to hide.

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  • I wouldn't mind. I guess if he has to, its fine. but if our relationship fails, ( and I know he is helping this site) in the back of my mind I can't help but think about weather or not its because of his new job.

    and I can see why guys would want to hide this work from a girl but its best not too.

    Trust and Honesty =) most important

  • I would be okay with it as long as the guy was upfront and honest about it.


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  • I think this is something that you should probably get out in the open right away. If you're involved in the operation of a website that objectifies women -- which yours does, even though it may not be porn -- then the woman you're trying to date may be offended by that. For some ladies, that's a deal breaker, so you need to forthright and honest about this, preferably on the second or third date. Give the lady some time to see how well you can treat her, but you really do need to disclose this sooner than later.

  • If it isn't porn I don't think it matters. And I think most girl friends ( at least mine) knows I still look at porn. But that might just be because we haven't had sex yet. If it is about business I don't think it matters, just tell her that. Besides I don't think she would mind you earning money, you can buy her more stuff!