We have not dated for a long time, can you please help me understand this girl/situation? Don't have to be right, just opinions.

There is a girl that I like and she knows that I like her because I have made it very clear. She has shown signs that she likes me too. She also calls me sweetie, honey, boo, and my love. The problem is that she is constantly flirting and hinting that she wants to see me but she is hesitant and flaky when it comes to dating. Perfect example is one time when she agreed to go out and I texted her saying "Can't wait too see you" and she replied saying " Me neither ;)" and when the day came she gave an excuse and couldn't make it. We have been talking for almost 3 months and have not dated once. She knows that I like her, if she doesn't like me back why would she keep acting this way instead of just telling me? Does she actually like me but something is holding her back? I do not this this situation. I don't understand her.

To finish was I was saying to tictac4ful, I asked her what happened and she said "Since you sent the text early my alarm overrides my texts and I didn't see your text till later in the day. That last excuse doesn't really make sense.


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  • it sounds to me that she's playing you like a game. One thing about these flirty girls is that they LOVE attention, they will say are call you anything just for you to like them, and when you eventually do like them they'll only tease you.

    She's teasing you for sure. That last excuse is total bullsh*t, lol. alarms don't erase texts. Even if the alarm does cancel out texts, there should still be a notification that they have a text. so honestly, she just wants to tease you. ALOT.

    I'd say to not text her as much, and don't ask her out because all she'll do is come up with non sense excuses to say no. I'd still talk to her and be super friendly and flirtacious, but never take her words seriously.

    when she calls you honey, cutie, etc, call her "pretty face, beautiful, gorgeous, etc" and see what she does.

    • Well, she agreed to hang out on Sunday night already, if she does it again then I'm just going to stop asking.

    • good idea. 2nd chance is what it might need. If not, forget her.

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  • Well what was the excuse she gave you for cancelling? Ho often do you guys set something up and it doesn't turn out?

    Maybe an official date freaks her out, so ask her to hang out or just go for a walk.

    If she keeps confusing you and she truly does know you like her, be like can I ask you something and straight up ask her what's going on

    • About 3 times. First time she said that she forgot that she had already made plans to go to a special church service, second time was that her car insurance had expired and she couldn't come down her. She was coming to my softball game then after we were going to go to the movies after the game. Third time, in the morning I sent her a quick text saying "we still on for tonight?" She never texted back.That night we were both on at Facebook and she sent me a chat saying "I hope your not mad at me"

    • Maybe try once more then straight up ask, cause in all situations she could have gone "my bad, you free Thursday?"

      Either that or she's still unsure about you so maybe try to hang out in a group

    • Or you could just stop asking, if she likes you she'll start up a convo or something

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  • just ask her to hang out instead of saying lets date. she could be just too nervous to go on a date meanwhile you can just hang out as a friend and see how she reacts around you if she does like you

    good luck bro

    • Good idea. She did say she will have a lot of free time this summer.

    • based on what you said above from tictac4ful about her excuses I agree exactly what she's saying try hanging out with a group with her. try to stop texting so much and see if she will start the convo with you. if she cancel on you again just forget her and find someone else she's not worth your time