Confused about this possible date? Should I hang out with him?

I was seeing a guy exclusively for the past 2 months but just last weekend he told me he isn't ready for a relationship right now and needs to be single. I felt hurt but he wanted to stay friends and keep talking and said that maybe in the future we could date. I've been giving him space but its clear he doesn't want to talk to me, so I don't know what to think about him.

I'm never the type to move on quickly, but I started talking to this guy I met through my friends a while ago. We had a friendly conversation and he asked to hang out, possibly go to a movie. It sounds like a date. The guy is very nice and I wouldn't mind getting to know him more but I still feel heartsick, my mind is still focusing on what went wrong with the first guy and I feel bad for moving on. I know it's silly because he said he doesn't want to date and he's also very much like talking to a wall, I can't tell if he even really cares about me anymore. Sometimes it seems like he does and sometimes it seems like I'm nothing to him.

So to cut it short.. what should I do? Should I hang out with him, or is it just too soon?


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  • Wow I'm in the EXACT same situation, same time frame same excuse. I'm thinking of meeting new girls once I head back to school but like you, she is still in the back of my head. After we were 'done' dating we seen each other a couple of times and things were the same as if we were still dating, it's weird.

    I have a hard time believing the "I'm not ready for a relationship" excuse people use it all the time but, there are rare occasions where it could really be the case that they aren't ready. The girl I was seeing was taking more classes than I was at the time so maybe she was caught up with her school work so that's understandable. We will be seeing each other again in the summer but at this point the ball is in her court if she doesn't do or say anything to indicate she's ready to start dating again then yeah ill be moving on. It's hard but if the other person doesn't see things the way you do sooner or later you'll have to move on.

    If I were you I would give it time simply because you don't want this new guy to turn into a rebound. I didn't want to see anybody after seeing this girl cause the feelings I had for her were pretty strong but after some time apart they've died down some, now I can think with a clear head and am more willing to see other girls.


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