My ex or the one before him?

i don't know for some reason its hard to choose one..

me and my ex boyfriend are hanging out we are still in a long distance . even though we don't see each other very often he calls me almost everyday we talk and sometimes he cries and says how much he misses me.

I've heard about him a lot that how many girls he hookup with after he broke up with me.

2. I met my other ex before this guy we dated almost a year and he was kind of my first love. he loves me truly he came back from Michigan after 3 years and I feel for him truly too.

I don't know what to do.

i said I love you to this guy 2 days ago and we kissed..

am I over with the guy I loved and waited for my ex number 1?

what should I do stay away from him? since he abused me and emotionally tourchered me in the past..?

number 2 guy has always been somehow ther for me sending me presents on my birthday evry year.?

i really need to decide please help..

  • Be with number 1 who hurt in the past
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  • Be with number 2 who have always been there.
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  • How is this even a contest? Between a guy who mistreats you, a guy who treats you right, and staying alone, the best options are the guy who treats you right and being alone.

    • no bth treat me right. now but the 1st ex says he's changed otherwise he was the one who didn't treat me well.. the thing is both are my ex and I know in my hear tht they are still in my heart I need to know which one.

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    • am saying that I have 2 exes who just got back to me.

      i know that for sure that am for one of them. but the 1st guy was a jerk in the past and now he is trying to be better but my parents hate him anyways.

      the other guy always appreciated me even when we dated before I dumped him because I moved and long distance didn't worked out what should I do?

    • Second guy. First guy hasn't necessarily changed - he was a jerk before, and he could very well still be a jerk, just in disguise. Second guy was always good to you.

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  • thats not even a good question trtuhfully its up to you but I thikn you should go with the guy who treats you proper and has always been there for you

  • best advice split up with both of em and just f***em all ud get a lot less confused

  • If you don't know who you want to be with yourself, then you shouldn't date either.


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