How young is too young, and how old is too old? cousin is fourteen, and she's dating a eighteen year old, I met him yesterday. Now my cousin is very pretty, she is also very mature, and the guy seems like a nice guy. He's cute, funny, and smart. But...I was kind of like, uh, okay? And he is almost nineteen, (like in two weeks) so...How young is too young, and how old is too old?

I would not want to go younger, but if he was special enough (or if I was really desperate) I'd go a year younger.

Older, eh...two or three years?

So, what's your opinion?


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  • Well, the age differences in high school are huge. The soon-to-be-nineteen-year old boyfriend should be the most honorable guy, as he has a HUGE influence on your cousin. Your cousin will definitely have some qualities making her seem like she's nineteen, but she should be consulting those she most trusts regarding continuing with a much older guy/boy.

    Your cousin may be mature, but is she learned. This may be her first real boyfriend and she should be guarding her heart and body with all she's got!

    I was discussing this with my friends today. Older teenage boys dating much younger girls shows that they boys aren't mature enough to be dating girls their own age. But, your cousin may not be able to find boys her age that are as mature or ready for commitment as her.

    She should be quite thorough in what she wants and have a great guide in her life.

    For my preferred dating age range, 25-35 (+ or - 5 years from 30 - my age). However, the maturity level has to be there, as well as her willingness to commit. Now, that's just my preference, as people of all ages act with different maturity. I know a few 50 year-old males who are boys and several guys with boyish tendencies.

    The actual age of the person does not really matter, it's the age of their soul...


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  • I was in two totally different worlds at fourteen and eighteen. That seems like a giant age gap to me, but to each their own I suppose..

    But my current boyfriend is four years older than me. It changes as you get older.

    I've never dated anyone younger. I might go a year younger.

  • they say there is no age in love but there is an age by the law where if they were intimate (sexually) they would consider that as rape. N there are some older guys that take advantage of young girls that are nieve. I'm not saying to baby sit, but just lookout for her.