Is it OK that I hang out with my guy friend more than my boyfriend?

My boyfriend says that it's not good to see each other all the time, so I have given him his freedom to see how much he wants. I hang out with my guy friend almost every night. We talk all night laugh and enjoy each others company. I wonder though why my boyfriend does not want to be my friend too? He talks about being together/committed/married...all that, but how can we know we have marriage chemistry if we do not test each others patience and stress patterns throughout the relationship. Not that there would be any, I am pretty laid back. I have broken up with my boyfriend once before because he was purposely trying to get back at me for things I did not even know offended him. It is childish, and he admitted to it so I forgave him for his I am just wondering if there is any reason for him to even want a relationship with me if he rather spend most of his time with his friends. I am not the clingy type, so I want to know what your opinion is of my situation so I can put my thoughts together and see where we are leading...


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  • How much time is not all the time? how many times would you see each other on average?

    does he just not to see you/spend time with you or is it that he doesn't want to spend time with your friends and you at the same time?

    random bombardment of questions! just curious really :)

    • I see my guy friend everyday for a few hours, we go for walks and stuff.

      My boyfriend and I hang out ( it's usually just him and I, we've been dating for 5 months now, and we see each other twice a week now the last month. We use to see each other almost everyday. I just feel that if I cannot connect with my boyfriend now, at the beginning of the relationship, then there is not point in going on.

    • He says he loves me and he is in love with me. I just wonder why he seems so different :S, and distant. Could he be cheating? could he just not be into me anymore? why would he try to convince me his feelings have not changed when I can see/feel things have.

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