Girls does this actually mean anything when she only dated someone for 2 weeks or so?

im curiuos if this relationship will be short or not? the girl I'm with Haven't really had any long term relationships but had some few short ones. she told me she's a virgin and etc... like she's Haven't done anything that much, she told me recently me she had a boyfriend a week and only dated like 2 or 3 weeks before I met her .

i really like this girl, she told me that she loves me holding her, being with her, and talking. we have madeout and she would pin me down to kiss her. hahaha I'm just woundering if this relationship will last?


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  • No one can say for sure if it's gonna last. It seems like you guys are starting out well. So just go with the flow of things.

    "Does this actually mean anything when she only dated someone for 2 weeks or so?" Not really. I'm going by your age on here, and I think it's very common for that to happen. I got my first boyfriend when I was in 7th grade. That lasted only a week. The next boyfriend I had [ we got together when I was about 15 ] lasted for five months.

    • well OK were both 17, that's what I thought just go with the flow

  • Nah, it just means it didn't work out. Maybe she jumped into the relationship too fast and found out they weren't really right for each other.

    It probably doesn't mean anything for YOUR relationship :)


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