What is the best way to break it off?

So I've been dating this really nice guy but I don't feel anything for him... what's the best way to break it off without having any hard feelings? becaue every time I tell myself I'm going to I chicken out.


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  • If he genuinely likes you, there's nothing you can really do to avoid hurting his feelings or causing him to be at least a little upset. Better to be honest and upfront about it, rather than keeping things going and making things worse for him in the long run. It's like pulling off a bandaid -- you just gotta do it.

    • how do you bring it up thou? you know, to make sure he understands your point of view. I'm so scared to do it in person but he's such a good guy that he deserves better then just a little email or text.

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    • Over a phone call would be low too wouldn't it? ugh, this does suck, but thank you for the advice. I appreciate it. should I meet him somewehre, invite him over, or what?

    • It's just my opinion, but yeah. I know I wouldn't want to be broken up with over the phone, unless I had done something horrendous and didn't deserve a meeting in person. I wouldn't say invite him over. Having him come to your place seems a little too intimate for a break-up. If I were you, I'd probably ask him to meet somewhere public.

  • your an asshole. you shouldn't of kept the dating up then.