A kissing-virgin kissed you in a club just after meeting you?

if a girl tells you she's never kissed a guy before, but then kisses you after knowing you for just an hour, what would you think of her?

(she sucked at kissing so you'd have to believe her :))


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  • She lied to me. Girls can fake stuff and it's a club. Alcohol does a lot of strange things. I wouldn't take her serious.

    • what if you knew for sure that she didn't lie about it. what would you think then? that she was drunk?

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    • His lucky day I guess. You asked me what I would think given those circumstances and I told you. I don't trust girls in clubs.

    • okay, thanks a lot :)

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  • Ya I probably wouldn't believe her. Sucking at kissing doesn't necessarily mean you haven't ever been kissed.

    Assuming I believed her. I'd probably assume that she really badly wanted her first kiss. Either that or really drunk. I'm really boring at clubs, and because I can never hear people, rarely strike up conversations with new people. That being said most of the girls who are forward enough to approach me (which never happens), are not likely to be "kissing virgins." The only plausible way I could see this happening is if I got dragged on to the dance floor by one of her friends. I'd still say that either she really badly wanted her first kiss, or she's really drunk. Or both.

    • ok, thanks! makes sense :)

  • if sucking at kissing meant you never did it I know couple girls from clubs who are in same boat as you alchoal etc messes up your motor skills

    • not 1 inch of my body moved haha

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  • She was most likely lying. I have never kissed a guy before and I have never gone to a club. So if you put two and two together, people like me most likely won't go to clubs in the first place... unless friends tried to drag me (which still has not worked). I have no interest in going to clubs where everyone gets wasted. So I probably would not believe a word she said.

    • hmm I think that's a stereotype. I'm a huge party girl but I (almost) never kissed a guy.

      and my friends who are still virgins are more partygirls than ..introverted?

    • I think the chances of being a party girl and never having kissed a guy are not very high... but everything is possible. What does "almost" mean? I mean you either have or you haven't. I wouldn't say girls who haven't kissed a guy before are all introverted, I definately am not.

    • usually extroverted people like to meet strangers and party so they do go to clubs.

      and as you said the fact that you've never kissed a guy doesn't mean you're introverted.

      well he kissed me, I didn't do anything. and there was no tongue. so I'm not sure if it even was a "kiss"

  • he'd probably wouldn't want to see her again if she was bad at it

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