Ladies the ultimate question?

Women say men are constantly missing their subtle signs that they are flirting. So to clear this up please list the signs you give off to guys to let them know you like him. And I will pass the info on to other guys. Thanx

Wait some girls get off on breaking guys hearts? Why is this? What is fun about breaking our hearts?
God that's horibble. I think this is why guys arnt approaching women anymore. Its just not worth it. Girls used to be so sweet and nice and now its the totla opposite. I will wait for women to approach me I'm not going threw this nightmare anymore.


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  • I agree with most of the men and not necessarily the women. It's true we do all the things the girls listed but I myself am guilty of flirting with both sexes. It makes EVERYONE feel good whether you're doing the flirting or you're being flirted with. HOWEVER, the biggest difference for me is if I keep coming back to you (in the same day) over and over again. If I'm interested in you genuinely and I just didn't want to "capture your attention" I will go back for more and more and more until we are "exclusive". Meaning that we are having our own conversation in our own world even though there is a party going on around us. I think in most situations the girl is in charge because she can control the yes or the no of the moment. MOST girls have no tact when rejecting a guy (I've been witness to this many times). This only leaves the guy feeling like WTF JUST HAPPENED. Those girls are abusive with their flirting or they do not know how to use their sex appeal correctly and do a fair share of misleading. So don't get yourselves down guys and don't blow us ALL off. We aren't all bad.but if you run into me I'll be the one:

    * Smiling at you A LOT

    * Trying to find out all about you

    * Keeping the conversation going

    * Trying to see if I could meet you another day another time

    *Sometimes I'll tell them straight out I'm interested

    * I'll act very girly and sexy to get your blood flowing

    * I'll try to invade your personal space to see how you reject or accept it (this is a good move to give you the opportunity to smell my perfume, hair.etc)

    * Try to give you tidbits of information about myself but not divulge too much because I want YOU to also come back for more

    * Flutter my eyelashes a little, primp myself or do cute things that will stick in your head

    To be successful at flirting a girl MUST know what she's got to work with and use it to her advantage. If she is unsure or not very experienced she'll end up sending mixed signals. Just a word to the guys.don't be afraid to casually or jokingly make a comment like." they way you're (fill in the blank) it almost seems like you're flirting with me." if she laughs and smiles and looks away then she was busted and you know she's flirting. But if she obviously says. "What? No Way! I don't see you that way" or "I'm sorry I didn't mean to give you that impression".once again you're not put out there and embarrassed if she turns out to be rude and obnoxious. It's sickening that some girls get off on breaking guys hearts and stepping all over them. It's so completely unnecessary and shows their insecurities. Those girls are only satisfied by shooting guys down. But PLEASE guys.don't give up. Hope this helps a little.


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  • The girls that I've known habitually do this for one purpose.boosting their ego. I've gone out sometimes with a bunch of girls who just like guys to hit on them so they could turn them down. I do not understand it because I would hate for that to be done to me. They sit there and actually conspire ways to get the guys to come over to them, buy them a drink, talk a bit with all the signs and then blow them off and move on to the next guy. The sad part .the guys fall for it over and over again. The girl goes home feeling like she's hot stuff and all the guys in the club wanted her but she didn't give it up (she thinks she's not a tramp for this) and she justifies her egotistical ways by telling herself, "I never TOLD them I wanted anything more". They go to sleep like a puffed up peacock while the poor guy wonders what's wrong with him. To them they think it's fun because they don't know the guy and will never see them again anyway. Not all of us are evil but girls like this do exist.once again I think it's sickening and unnecessary.

  • Some of these are ones we don't even know that we are doing because they are biologically ingrained in our being:

    1. We look you in the eyes for 3 seconds, then we look away or down, then a second or two later we look in your eyes again.

    2. We say we like you.

    3. If we touch you while talking to you we feel comfortable with you.

    4. If we compliment you on something that is a sure sign.

    5. If we suddenly start dressing more attractive around you, it could be a sign that we want you to notice.

    We start to give you signs when you give us signs. It's a give and take. We start to show that we like you more when you do the same with us.

    I've never tried to break anyone's heart.

  • She doesn't leave the room or hide after talking with you

    She talks to you for more than 5minutes, she is interested (probably) if I was on a bad date or chatted up by someone I really really did not like I would make some excuse or be totally honest and leave ~ my time is too precious to waste.

    She asks you questions about you and what you like to do

    She gives you that look

    She flutters her lashes at you

    Her look lingers in your direction

    She touches your arm, lightly

    She listens intently to what you are saying

  • first, every girl is different. so, not every girl will flirt the same.

    eyes tell all. I use sarcasm but in a playful way not bitchy.

    teasing, compliments, joking around, playful touching but not too much-just lightly on his arm

    the way I walk in front of a guy that I'm interested in. yes, there's a difference. lol!

    we even have wrestled around a few times. giggling but not excessive.

    if you can keep a girl laughing, you can get her to do anything.

    so, your turn. what's your signals?

  • Its all about the eyes, If she's looking at you happily its a sign she wants to get to know you a little better.

    some women hid it very well.i've always noticed when a guy wants to check a woman out he will turn his whole head and make it blatantly obvious. no matter now refine you think you are.woman however . take side glances.

    how ever it does depend on what their background is. I know that asians are tradionally reserved so things like eye contact and reading what they're eyes say mean alot.

    :p look out for the dialating pupils :p (when we look at something we like we dialate our pupils) O.O

  • If a woman shows these signs or a combination of them, then she is flirting with you:

    1. If she looks into your eyes while your talking.

    2. If she faces towards you while you are talking (she might also have her legs crossed).

    3. If she flips or runs her fingers through her hair in any way.

    4. If she casually touches your arm or any other body part.

    5. If she playfully teases you.

    6. If she smiles a lot at you.

    7. If you are in a group of people, she seeks you out to talk to.

    8. If she stays within close proximity to you when in a group of people.

    I hope this has helped.

    • Jeez, I have Married women in the workplace who do most or all of these things! this ain't gonna help....unless half the married women in the building are looking to have an affair?!

      I am looking for a realationship, not an affair. =(

  • Flirt I do but subtle, I am not a heartbreaker but indeed a nice person. Like not all men are ar5eholes not all women are like this, its just a few.

    You have to sieve through some shit to find the gold!

  • Here, I think this is pretty accurate:


    • So girls surf too.... or is it just you? :D

  • I'm a huge flirt. That's my issue I flirt and I suppose I do send out mixed signals because I just like to flirt, its fun. This is true for lots of women so.yes men can be confused. If I like a guy though I joke a lot with him, smile allllll the time. I'll text him to see if I get a response or so. Also I focus on a subject we have in common. If he likes baseball then I can talk about my favorite team and just dis his but if we share the same like for a team I suggest that we should definitely go to a game one of these days. If he asked me to do something I'd prob be up for it even if I really wasn't. Just to let him know that I am interested. Women are confusing I'm not going to deny it. I have got the "oh he likes you" when I was just friendly flirting I'll keep my if you think she was just being friendly if word gets around that you kind of like her and she doesn't have the same vibe then she'll talk less to you. (to keep you from continuing to like her).

    So think of it this way, when you flirt with someone jokingly and they take it the wrong way.what is your response to the matter?

    I mostly talk about stuff they are interested in that I am too. and then switch topics and ask some personal questions.that wouldn't be asked in the "work place" setting for any reason unless you were trying to hit on someone.


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  • But then the problem is:

    Who cares if she's flirting? I mean honestly? I know of girls who will flirt with all kinds of guys, and there's absolutely no interest whatsoever. Heck, some of the time, they're repulsed by you, but they'll still flirt.

    I had a girl I could have SWORN was interested. She was giving me signs all weekend. So I ask her out, and she says: "I'd never even want to be seen in the same room as you." and though I did nothing wrong, and nothing to deserve her answer (other than have the audacity to ask her to go mini golfing)

    A girl I have a crush on, is not interested. Never was, probably never will be. But a few weeks ago, I would have sworn she was interested - for one night. That's it. She's never initiated a conversation with me before or after that night.

    And to me, girls never go near me. I don't smell bad (I shower and wear an unscented deodorant and a light cologne); they don't touch. At least they're not showing any interest, which is good, because I know where I stand. So the once every few years that it happens, then it feels good. But, when they're still not interested, and they're toying with me, then it's a bit frustrating and infuriating. I feel a little bit manipulated. I don't feel happy. I feel used, and it's a let down.

    So honestly. if girls flirt with me once every couple of years (on average), and it's never genuine, then so what? They're not interested, so it's not like I can ask them out.

    I don't flirt unless I'm interested. Keeps it simple. That way, at least I know where I stand. I don't mess with girl's affections.

    I know girls who think it's no problem flirting with someone they're not interested in; I think it's a BIG problem.

    If every girl flirts with you, and none are interested, how are you supposed to be able to figure out if and when it's for real?

    Now, if only one flirts with you, and you're not used to it, you REALLY start thinking their interested.

    So how is flirting supposed to be a sign of interest? How can you tell if it's genuine? And if it's not, so what?

    • Hey Good Man! I hope you haven't given up on us girls....take a look at my post and hang in there.

  • I've given up trying to decipher when girls are flirting. Girls are individuals and what's extremely and deliberately flirty to one girl will be normal friendliness to a different girl. Flirting can be entirely subjective. I used to get angry with girls who turned me down for a date, because I thought they were flirting and sending "mixed messages" -- but now I understand that flirting is in the eye of the beholder, and simply because she licked her lips, touched her hair or held her legs in a certain way doesn't mean she was flirting or wanted a date with me.

    I think it's best to simply start talking to any women you're interested in. Be friendly, smile and ask a lot of questions. Don't think of it as "closing the deal," think of it as talking to a new friend.

    If they're interested, they'll try to keep the conversations going and you can ask for a date. If they're not interested they'll try to end the conversation, or they'll mention their boyfriend. Either way, problem solved because I know where they stand.

    • Wow, so true.

    • Yes it's true that each girl is different but at the same time (very weird and contradictory I know) we're the same. We hit the same cues but in different ways. Take a look at my post and hopefully you'll agree with me.

  • good luck if anyone give you a real answer because everyone are different .

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