How do I avoid kissing him on the first date?

Hey guys,

a really nice guy invented me to the movies. I know him from parties and I saw him a couple times but we never had a date or saw each other alone. And because he invited me to the cinema, I suspect him to try to kiss me...I really want to be kissed by him, but he is too important for me and I don't want to lose him by going too far on the very first date.

So if he tries to kiss me, how do I avoid it (even if I want to kiss him, too) without being too harsh? I have the feeling that I might be uninteresting for him after I already gave him too much so I need to find a way to "stop" him- but keeping him interested about me.



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  • put your finger in front of your lips if he's going in for it and whisper "i don't kiss on a first date".

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