Would you date someone with schizophrenia?

so I met this guy about a week ago and he is the nicest guy ever. he is so sweet, cares if I'm upset, compliments me and is just overall a sweetheart, and to top it off he's good looking and dresses nice, were comfortable around each other and it is easy to talk to him. but he used to go to the school my mom taught at and she said he was showing signs of schizophrenic disorder...i don't want to stop talking to him just because of that because its not his fault but at the same time its a little scary, help!


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  • You're taking dating advice from your mom? Lets just clear this out of the way to say that your mom is going to pick at EVERY little thing in the guy you're interested in. Plus women love to exaggerate, unlike me, I learnt my lesson about exaggerating when I killed a million billion people in Viet-f***in-nam

    • well my mom is a counselor at that school...she didn't say not to she just said he was showing the signs. my mom isn't critical about people I date she's very open...but that still doesn't answer my question

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    • he transfered to a different school and had to talk to his parents if its any of your business. like I said you still didn't answer the above question which was would you date someone with schizophrenia.

    • 'if its any of your business'

      It's none of your business, don't bite the hand that feeds.

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  • What signs did she say he was showing?

    • muttering stuff to himself like having full conversations with himself and just not being all there, she said it might be a side effect of taking too much exctasy too .

  • I think I would. I know someone with schizophrenia, and he's a pretty nice guy. It's just something to deal with, but I think if you like him enough, you would be able to deal with it.

    • yeah its just a little scary ya know? like some days it could be really good and other days it could be really but its not something he can control so I don't want to punish him for that

    • yeah, I guess I'd get to know him more, and see what his behavior patterns were, and then decide if they were things that I'd be OK dealing with.