He just stopped talking to me. What happened with him?

There's this guy that I liked, and he made it very clear the he liked me.

We went out a few times and had a good time, he was the one who always asked me to hang out, but besides that, he never did anything.

He never made a move, he wouldn't hold my hand, or kiss me, or anything besides talking, and I was okay with that, I thought he was shy.

With time I started to think he only saw me as a friend, so I started to be a friend to him too.

Suddenly he got himself a girlfriend, in two days literally, he just met her one night at a party.

So I said: hey congratulations in a good-natured way.

And he didn't even respond, he just stopped talking to me.

What the hell happened? Because I wanted to be good friends, and suddenly he won't even talk to me?

We never had a fight, I never did anything to hurt him.


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What Guys Said 1

  • This happened to me with a girl at work I like. She never gave any hint like asking to hang out or any stuff like that.I finally decided to move on.You were into the same situation considering he was the only one asking you to hang out and you never probably asked him back or initiated any talk with him so decided to move on.

    • I did! I mean I never asked him to hang out, true, but when we texted, I was the one who texted him first most of the time. I think he's the one who wasn't that interested.

    • Oh you initiated text then he may not be that interested.

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he wanted something to happen with you two, but thinks you only see him as a friend..