Why can't I "woman up" and just date whomever likes me?

I realize that, as a female, especially one who is past her shelf life, it's my job to look for the best in everyone and make myself fall for whoever chooses me. Why the hell do I want to fall in love? How do I stop it and just appreciate whomever decides he wants me like a normal female?


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  • how bout you woman up and get some self esteem? wtf is a "shelf life"?

    do you really think women 30+ cannot get dates? really? maybe that depends on what you look like but what about men who are like 40? they all want 20 year olds for serious relationships? every man isn't hugh hefner. my dad is 53, and single and he wouldn't date a woman unless she was at LEAST in her mid 30s as they wouldn't have much in common.

    i wouldn't settle for any guy just because he wanted me and neither should you.

    • I'm not a big fan of dating guys who are more than 10 years older than me. That's my problem too. Like you said, your dad would prefer to date someone who was 20 years younger... I'm the bitch who wants to date a guy close to my same age.

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    • he would probably SLEEP with someone 20 years younger, but as far as settling down it would be a woman with as much life experience and things in common as him. his current girlfriend is 50. only 3 year difference but in the same age bracket. anyway what type of guy are you meeting that only wants 20 somethings when he's 30? he's probably an idiot because girls my age are just using these guys for $$. you should look for a guy with substance and not an insecure fool trying to recapture his youth

    • The man in his early thirties is trying to recapture his youth, but the woman in her late twenties is nowhere near the end of her shelf life...?

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  • Am I to understand you weren't 'settling' in your prior relationships? So what happened there?

    • Can't hold on to any guy but the ones without options...

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    • Real women can force their feelings. I am lacking, I guess.

    • You got that half right, IMO

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  • what are you talking about? you're not second class. you don't have to settle for who wants you, you have to settle for who you want. you're not going to love life if you're with someone who doesn't make you happy and excited and in love. I know in theory, the don't settle works well. but in reality, if you don't settle, you're going to end up alone. But I do believe that someone is out there for everyone and sometimes it just takes someone alittle longer to find that person.

    • In reality, if you don't settle you end up alone. Yes. And there is no time for waiting. Guys can date younger and younger so nobody is going to want a woman who gets past 30.

    • That's not true. There are men out there that go for quality and personality over age. Honestly, if a guy does not want you based on age alone, do you really want someone like that in your life? He's proven himself to be shallow and unworthy of you.

    • What women want to hear and what guys really think are VASTLY different.