I made a mistake, how do I fix things?

i told the guy I liked, that I liked this guy, at the time I was trying to hint to him that it was him, but I guess he didn't take it that way

how do I let him know there's no one else? and that I like him - through text message : I don't want to seem like the desperate chick and just say it, any thing else I could say?


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  • We who are our selves know what we must do and say?

    What is it you "WANT" to do.. ? I say do it..

    Lost but not lost but forgoten another day

    Dont just tell him SHOW HIM its him you like..

    Hugging.. Smiling.. Just being close to him..

    Do something befor he's lost

    We are who we are weather we know it or not

    Dont be afraid to be a little desperate.. Just Be your self..


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  • try to hang out with him more and see if he likes you maybe flirt if you get time alone from your friends maybe try to get on a conversation about relationships to minimize the akwardness of actually talking about your and his relationships of who you like, of course you can always simply ask him out and see what he says, its better to hear a no and be done with it rather than sulk in a corner alone wondering if he likes you or not

  • I say just tell him. My first girlfriend did the same thing. We had been friends for a little while before. Eventually she started telling me about "this guy" she liked and wanted to ask out. After about two weeks of that, she straight up told me "you know that guy I was telling you about?" "Yes...?" "It's you". Our first date was that Friday and three weeks later, we were "offical".


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  • tell him you screwed up

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