Should I date her or should we stay friends?

I'm in a summer program for high schoolers and I'm interested in one of the girls there. When the program is over we're most likely going to stay in touch and hopefully we'll meet up a few times. So should I start dating her then? (I don't want to date her just yet. She's kind of shy so I want to get to know her more and pull her out of her shell)

The problem is that she goes to a different school and lives about 45 minutes away from where I live (that's 45 minutes driving time). So, if on the off chance we do date, it might not go anywhere because we'd end up with a long distance relationship (and most long distance relationships don't work out, am I right?). She's not terribly far away, but we both don't drive yet so it would be even harder to meet up often, if at all.

I don't know if "meeting up" should become "dating" or if we should just stay friends. Due to the long distance, dating may end up ruining our friendship. But, if we stay friends there's a greater chance that we'd drift apart due to the long distance. These are just assumptions I'm making, but regardless, I don't know what to do! Help? Advice?


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  • First thing first, is she interested in you?


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  • dude when your in camp spend your time to just hang out with her and befriends with her since you don't really know her. yes try to know her more before you date her. my girlfriend lives exactly 50 min aways from me and we been dating for about 6 months and still going just try to plan to meet up half and maybe just chill there or go somewhere

    good luck bro

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