How would you tell him you like him? What would you do?

Ok I like him and I'm pretty sure (like 87%) he likes me. I'm gonna see him this weekend and want to tell him (somehow), We are both kinda shy, so I don't want to just flat ask him like most would say to do...

I was thinking maybe (but would need something to lead up to this) I could kiss him on the cheek and that way if he doesn't like me I could play it like it was just a friendly kiss or if he likes me it could be more. What do you think? I don't have much experience with this sorta thing.

Girls: how would you do it?

Guys: How would you want a girl to tell you?

Thanks :)


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  • Pretty much what kitty said. Be extra flirty and nice. You shouldn't TELL him, you should SHOW him


What Girls Said 1

  • yeah you don't have to tell him anything , you can just be flirty and extra nice , compliment him , tell him you wanted to see him or missed him but you don't have to tell him what you feel .. if your cute nice and flirty he will get the point that your interested . and he should be wise to reciprocate

    good luck just flirt flirt flirt !