How to get past anxiety and start opening up/getting close/eventually dating girls?

Other than a couple of short relationships (2 months at most). I've never really had any proper, meaningful and personal relationships/friendships with girls (one could've gone that way if I didn't back away). The relationships were started by the girls, and I just went along with it, but that was a few years ago now. Since and before then I haven't even gotten close to flirting or dating...I seem to have lost even more confidence. I feel I don't really connect with them as easily - well I do, but I hold back too much...I don't know why, probably a mix of nature/nurture. It's annoying because my dominant character traits are in some ways more feminine (sensitive, based on emotions) so I could probably get closer and have a long-term healthy relationship if I knew how to open up initially and show interest, yet I struggle getting close to them. But then again sometimes I think I am not suited to relationships - the stress and expectations (from my brief experiences) led me to withdraw and I freaked out.

Basically I worry that the older I get the harder it is to change. All my brothers are in relationships (younger and older) I don't want to be the guy in the family who is single all his life! (like my uncle) but it seems that way.


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  • It's never too late to change