Kissing a girl in a club..

I went to a club this Saturday, I was standing next to the bar and this girl stepped on my foot. So I asked her what's up and she just took my hand and we went dancing.

After a while we started kissing and everything. She went to the bathroom but was looking for me after.

So I grabbed her and we started kissing again etc.. I asked her number and she said: ''Oooh I'm sure you do that to all girls I dunno...''

She finally gave me her number.

Texted a couple of days after asked her if she wanted to go out and she said she was going home for the summer (nebraska) and that we should eventually wait until August when she comes back.

So my question is: Is this going the right place? Is she interested? How much does a kiss mean?


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  • It sounds like she just wanted to have some fun that night.

    I couldn't tell you if it's going anywhere. From where I'm standing, for now it's stagnating.

    If you end up talking, texting, phoning each other, then there is a possible future there. If not, there is no future whatsoever.

    • ok so what can I do to make it ''unstagnate''?

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    • I really couldn't tell you.

      I don't know her so I don't know what will capture her interest.

    • Would you remember this girl like if you were at a club again and she was?

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  • i don't think a kiss means much

    when I go out I admit that if I am dancing with a guy, and he's a really good dancer and isn't perverted, I will probably kiss him

    and I don't really care if I see or hear from him again

  • probably, I mean, she does wanna see you when she gets back! I have no idea if she's interested, are you guys still talking/flirting over text? and a kiss can mean anything! like an 'i do' kiss, a first kiss, a goodbye kiss, and also one where a persons just drunk and kissing everything


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