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I know she didn't mean to, but this woman made me feel inadequate, unworthy?

On the surface she's extremely nice and courteous, etc... and I thought all was going well, I met this woman on Hinge who lives about 2 hours from me, which already would be a challenge, we had a bunch of long video calls and phone calls, text a good amount, etc... all of a sudden she sprung on me that she has been thinking and she is pretty sure of her decision to not pursue this as any sort of a relationship. I mean we haven't even met yet, and I was very caught off-guard by this, her explanation is convoluted and can't really give me a good reason, the only one she gave was that she is more focused on world issues, and me on the US, which I don't think is accurate. She spent half her life living with missionary parents outside the US, so of course I am not going to have the same worldview as her, relatively few people will, but really didn't have a good reason. Anyway, I try not to let my emotions get the better of me, but it was very difficult to not look visibly upset, and it upset her too, but she sprung this, and I just don't think it's fair.

I mean she feels how she feels I guess, and I don't think poorly of her or anything, but I'm extremely upset and disappointed by this, and I know she's probably more dedicated to her faith than I am (although I'd like to be more so, and I am trying), but that was not a reason or a thought of hers, but boy I feel inadequate, unworthy, like I don't deserve to find someone, and at 32, really getting sad and worried about this. I was hopeful maybe this would be something, but just another disappointment in my life...
I know she didn't mean to, but this woman made me feel inadequate, unworthy?
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