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Are these red flags?

I feel like I already know the answer but I’m also a classic over thinker so I’d appreciate outside opinions!
Anyway, I’ve known this guy not for long now, but we clicked almost instantly and it feels like I’ve known him forever. From the start I was very clear about not wasting time on anyone who didn’t want a serious relationship, and he was in the same boat. Everything was casual then he just like switched into high gear. He wants a relationship now, even though we haven’t had a date yet (he travels a lot he owns his own business) which I found sort of rushed. Then he says he’s ready for a family, like now. He gets back in two weeks and wants to try, which stunned me. I asked him why and he said because “it’s just time”. He turns 30 next year (I turn 30 this year), and now I feel panicked because he says pregnancy is high risk in my 30s so he doesn’t think it’s smart to wait. I wouldn’t have to worry about any financial aspects either so he feels there’s no concern. Also his family is in Australia so he’s here alone and wants his own family. Beyond that, he’s very dominant and says he wants me to be his but only once I’m ready. He says being his means I can’t have my guy friends anymore (even tho I’ve been friends with them since high school) and I do what he wants, he’d make all our decisions. In exchange he’d give me the best relationship and best life. Im not sure how to take all of this and if it’s something I should be running from or accepting as like a serious relationship that I’ve been wanting. Thoughts, please?
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Thanks for all of your comments! I already had the feeling that this was all too much but you all confirmed it for me so I appreciate it immensely❤️
Are these red flags?
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