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Negatives of going out with someone like this?

-Works two full time jobs (The second one is 4 days a week working night shift).
- 24/25 years old
- Lives with her parents to help them.
- Doesn’t like going out to parties.
- Keeps to herself.
- She’s only had one ex but she left him.
- Saving up to buy a house on her own.
- She’s really kind with everyone until they do her wrong.
- Doesn’t hesitate to cut people off forever when they do something bad to her.
- Has a bad relationship with all of her siblings (she doesn’t tolerate their snake like behavior so she stays away).
- She’s pretty and everyone tells her the same but she’s still somewhat insecure because when she was little she was the “ugly duckling” and now even though things have changed she still gets insecure.
Negatives of going out with someone like this?
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