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Why do women treat men so?

I find it very sad how men are valued these days. It seems that people only value a man if he has a girlfriend.
Like how is it my
fault it’s so hard to find a woman that loves me
for me? You can ‘have it allllll’ yet be stuck in my position where the women you meet are very far from worthy of you.

Finding, meeting and getting to know this type of girl is hard. In fact it’s once in a lifetime.

Why judge me for choosing to be a virgin and single to find it.

I hate women ONLINE these days. You almost all suck.

Trust me a precious woman who is compatible with you exists but is so rare to find and it’s most likely not you

Hopefully all women on here can realise the truth before they try to insult a man’s human worth. Which is what they’re good at
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Why do women treat men so?
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