Why won't he kiss me?

He is my best guy friend and we have already told each other we like each other. we aren't dating but most people say we might as well be. he says he wants to kiss me and he would kiss me back if I kissed him but I want him to kiss me first and I have told him that. so why won't he kiss me first? why do I have to kiss him? help what do I do?!?


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  • he probably hasn't been kissed before. he might just be nervous. but guys do like girls that take control.

    • He hasn't been kissed before and neither have i. so neither one of us wants to make the first move. should I kiss him? or wait? and we go to the movies together a lot should I kiss him there? and if so how should I go about doing it?

    • Well if you nkow he likes you, and you know he wants you o kiss him so I would just kiss him. I made the move on my first kiss. just wait untill it gets really romantic and then stare in his eyes when there is a silence and just go for it.dont worry you'll be fine.