Texting/emailing this guy, but i'm moving away

I've been emailing/texting this guy.He wants to go out with me, but I've been pretty apprehensive about it because I'm planning on moving away and don't want to get attached to anyone right now. We were emailing back and forth pretty much every day and then started texting every other day for a few hours straight. I guess I'm starting to like him and so I wanted to randomly text him again today 'cause I really do want to hear from him, but I don't want to come off as needy. I just wanted to know, from a guys perspective, if I would come off as needy if I texted him again today. or should I just email him or neither. I'm guessing he's going to think I like him and I guess I'm trying to play it off as if I don't.



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  • If you don't want to appear needy, I suggest you don't call/text/email anyone until they call you back.

    Contact them once. Then the ball is in their court, and wait for them to contact you. The more you contact them, the more you risk appearing needy/desperate/clingy, and the more they might think they can play you.

    But if you contact once and wait for a reply, you might look stronger and more independent -- as if you're interested in them, but can also take 'em or leave 'em.

    My two cents.

    • Thanks for your two cents!

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