Dating to being exclusive? What would you think of this?

So basics are, started talking to a guy on an online dating site almost two months ago, talked for a few weeks before setting a first meeting, which went really well (over 2hrs non stop chatting) and have met up twice since (once a week). All have gone really well and he's lovely, I've hardly been on the site since but he's still on there everyday.

He's older and met his ex of the site so I guess knows the game but has said he's looking for a serious relationship as am i.

Basically after we last met, which was at his place for movie, cuddles and make out I decided to text and ask when I got home if he is dating other people as I'd been wondering. Said he had been dating when we first met but isn’t seeing anyone else at the moment other than me. I told him that id been speaking to someone off the site but didn’t really follow up after meeting him which is how I managed to call him without meaning to! He’s said about us having a few more dates and then maybe talk about going exclusive and that if I want to date other people he’s fine with that. I simply apologized for calling him and said to forget what I’d said and just see how it goes.

Does this sound like this is going to go somewhere? I’m not the best at the wait and see game! (the fact that he txs constantly dozens of times a day feels like we see each other more than we have)

Thank you!


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  • Trying to predict where this is going is a fool's errand.

    Dating is a process of getting to know each other. At each date either one of you could find out something or just overall realize that the person you are dating is not for you. There are no guarantees in dating other than time. The fact that you guys have been talking for 2 months doesn't guarantee that you two will be successful, the fact he met someone else using this online site doesn't guarantee anything, the fact he wants a serious relationship and did not freak out when you asked him whether he is seeing anyone else doesn't guarantee anything.

    The only thing that guarantees anything is that you two continue to date, and continue to date, and finally end up in a relationship and even that doesn't guarantee that things won't end after a bit. Reality is that until you get past the honeymoon stage you really don't know how good a match you are. All this takes times and you will have to be patient.

    So, enjoy the fact that things are going well now, continue to take the time to get to know him and make sure he is really trying to get to know you, slow down on the makeout sessions and hold off on any further physical intimacy until you have been together long enough to really say you are establishing an emotional connection. Oh, and don't make the big mistake of jumping into physical intimacy before emotional intimacy thinking that will seal the deal or thinking that all these signs means he is ready for true love with you. You need to really be patient as hard as that may feel to you.

    Good luck!