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So yesterday, my friend, me, and the guy that we both like were at my house working on a project for school. My friend kept telling me "the guy you like" (she doesn't know I like the guy that came over, she thought I liked another guy) and I would say "i don't like him anymore" and as the guy who was woking on the project with us that we both like was leaving I askd him if he like her and at first he said Yea but then he said Kind of but he doesn't want to ask her out. No offense, but I don't see what he sees in her, because yesterday, she wasnt herself at all, she was mature yesterday. what do I do?

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Oh, N all the guys at my school tell me I'm hot and that I have nice legs and that I can b a modell (im bein serious) & every guy calls her a looser because I mean, she acts really immature.


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  • Well he is seeing the fake her I guess if he saw the real her it would be different. But you shouldnty worry about that. Let this guy see the real you. you may want to think about it and how your friend will feel if you go ahead and try to persue him. But if you do flirt with him. Guys love flirtatous women. Putting your hand on his shoulder or his back. Laughing at his joke. Making eye contact and telling him you like him are all pluses. Once and if this guy decides to go out with your friend it will be over. You can't go for him then. But that's how you can win him over. But be careful. Stuff like this ruins friendships.


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  • What you need to do is be real with ur friend bcuz take it from sum1 who knows honesty no guy is work a break up with a good friend you may not think it now because ur young but men are grimey grimey people and f you do win him it will be war between you and ur friend in ur situation you do what you wanna do but no guy is worth a friendship I couldn't tell you how many times igot done did dirty

  • well let him choose and you defintely shouldn't get into a fight over a guy with your friend.

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