I think I just ruined it with him, advice?

I met this guy at a party with a bunch of friends on Friday. He's 5 years older than I am. (We'll call him D)

A friend of mine and myself ended up going back to his place. My friend (we'll call her A) had a "fling" with D's close friend (K, they are housemates) and ended up sleeping in his room, but they didn't do anything sexual.

I spent the night in D's room with him, and we cuddled and what not, then the next day we went to A's house, then ended up going back to D's house the next night. Same sleeping arrangement. Next morning D asks me if I wanted to go see a movie on Wednesday (today) I said sure, and I gave him my number. I added him on Facebook and we talked over Facebook messages. Monday night he calls me, and makes sure I'm up for going to the movies, I said "Sure, if I'm not busy." He said "Alright, sounds good, but I have to get back to work." Last time I talked to him.

His friend (N) started hitting on me, so I messaged D asking if his friends had any boundaries, because and knew D and I had a thing. No reply to that message. That was Monday night. Last night I was trying to reply to a friend's message, but my phone is messed up so it sent it to D's Facebook messages. (I get them sent to my phone.) I ended up saying "The idiot called me a slut because I wear shorts. It's not possible for me to be a slut if I'm a virgin." and freaked out saying that I sent it to the wrong person. No reply. Didn't call me or message me ALL day, and he was supposed to call or message me to set up a time for the movies...

Did I scare him off by him knowing I'm a virgin? He's been with a few people, and I don't know what to think...


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  • There's nothing wrong with being a virgin ! So what are you supposed to do to change that ? Go sleep with some random guy , so you lose the "virgin" tag ? If he's scared of by that , then he's not worth your time . Leave him alone , let him come to his senses .


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