When it comes to blacks and whites, what does it mean in America to date someone of a different culture?

I want to say that I am a black male. And, I am not head over hills for white women. I just won't to know something.

I was watching a movie on HBO titled "Our Family Wedding". A black guy was getting ready to marry a Hispanic girl. Well, during the wedding planning scene in the movie, the grandmother of the Hispanic woman wanted a traditional Mexican or Hispanic wedding (can't remember which). Anyway, the black guy's father said that, "We have some African American wedding traditions, too." And, a black woman looked at the father and said, "We do? Like what?" LOL

Anyway, this made me think about when I hear people, especially blks & whites in America, say things about dating someone of the same culture when it comes to blks & whites dating. We blks don't have a "different" culture from whites. Of course, certain things vary from family to family --that goes for white & black families. But, blks in America don't have some distinct culture from whites.


1. Both celebrate d same holidays. XMas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Year's Eve. And, we celebrate them the same way. Same food, same alcohol, same grill :-) , etc.--- 99% of blacks don't even know what Kwanza is.

2. We wear the same clothes. I'm not talking about Hip Hop clothing vs goth/country/rocker clothing. I mean a wh doctor wears the same thing as a blk doctor. A blk lawyer wears the same thing as a white lawyer. A white rap star wears the same thing as black rap star.

3. Most blacks/whites claim xtianity..

4. If you are a churchgoer, most go on the same days and during the same hours. I'm not a churchgoer, but I suppose some black churches, not all, may be a little rowdier than whites.

5. We drive the same cars. I refer back to number 2 here. There are some variances. Musicians, wh & blk may dress up their cars. I mean the average person, however. There is no particular car that whites or blks prefer. Most buy what they can afford, or what they think they can afford.

6. We liked the same sports. American whites & blks both love football, basketball, baseball. Maybe hockey. What I mean is that we in America aren't big on soccer or polo.

7. We listen to the same music, basically. I know rock/country is probably mostly consumed by whites. But, I know blks who like rock/country. I, myself, love folk music--Amos Lee, Ray Lamontagne. We know a large number of whites love rap. Clubs couldn't function without it ;-)

8. Both love to hunt/fish. I don't understand either.

9. Both have family reunions, which are dumb.

10. Both, basically, watch the same movies.

11. Rich blks are a**holes like rich whites.

Since the overwhelming majority of blacks are descendants of slaves, we don't have a culture different than that of whites. I'm not saying that it is a good or bad thing. I'm just saying that it is a thing. I can understand Asians/Hispanics but blks & whites?

So, can a wh/blk tell me this vastly different culture I have from whites?


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  • lawyers wear the same things because they both work in the corporate world and have to fit in and adhere to professional standards. but people in their personal lives, take college kids and high schoolers. black people have a little bit more swag than whites, we wear brighter colors, guys don't wear flip flops, the girls dress a little sexier and we accessorize more. white people dress plainer. we do kinda dress like jersey shore/jerseylicious stereotypes though. of course not ALL of us do but I was watching jerseylicious and noticed that they dress like the stylish black girls I know

    we do have our own culture. yeah we have similarities since we live in the same country but its different. and before you ask no I am not hood and did not grow up in the hood, I am suburban and we still are black people that are not completely like whites. also African Americans don't even like baseball like that, now Afro LATINOS do but not us and not hockey either. you sound kind of assimilated like you hang out with more white people and adopted their culture so maybe you would think that, but as a black person that associates with more blacks we are different than most white people and don't have as much in common as you're saying.

    • Actually, I don't hang with white people. Most African Americans don't play baseball. But, we watch it. We watch the World Series. That is if the Yankees, Sox, Mets, Braves, or Dodgers are in it. Jay Z goes to watch the Yankees all of the time.

      MY uncle never played baseball. But, he watches it quite often. My grandfather loves baseball. I don't know which blks you are around.

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  • no I don't think we have the same culture. we share similarities since we're all American, but there is a difference, you can tell when you socialize with different groups. its just there

  • It all depends on where you grew up. I live in Texas and the majority of the black guys in my area are very ghetto. If a white girl is not used to that type of environment then she will have a hard time adapting..as in the gangs, the styles of clothing, the fighting, the attitude you have to possess and more. Some culture changes are not that bad and in fact can sometimes be an improvement on a persons life but for the whites and blacks here...not something good.

    • Again, you are talking ECONOMICS not culture. You are talking about poor blks doing certain things.

      What I mean is that a rich, poor, or middle-income Jew is going to have a bar/bat mitzvah. It really doesn't matter their income. That is CULTURE.

      I live in a neighborhood of about 50/50 wh/blk. By looking at the homes, you couldn't tell who lived in which. It is not the ghetto nor is it rich. Median income for families here range from 50k-70k. Most drive modest cars. No BMWs or the like.

  • White and black culture are mostly the same. Usually it is their socio-economic status that differs. Is that racist?

  • that your not racist...

  • Umm no, blacks and whites are just as different and similar as all the other people in the United States. More blacks live in ghettos along with other minorities, but more white people in the suburbs along with few minorities. I am a Hispanic American and I drive the same car, wear the same clothes, speak the same language, eat the same food, etc as everyone else in this country AND I love soccer so what you are saying is completely ignorant. Catholicism is Christianity and Hispanics and Asians both claim that as well as every other race. Excuse me for finding this a bit offensive but it seems you're just saying what came to your mind without analyzing any of it.

    • I hear all of d time about Mexican weddings. Jews have certain wedding rituals. Jews have Bar Mitzvahs. Jews don't go to church. They go to synagogue on Friday/Saturday. You always hear about Indian culture.

      A lot of Asians are first or second generation Americans. They have certain customs.

      Living in poverty (ghettos) is not a culture for a particular race. That is based off of ECONOMICS. I know rich blks and whites. They act d same. I'm serious.

      I'm talking culture. You are talking Economics

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    • Now I'm not saying that blacks don't do these things too, I'm just saying it's mostly whites that do them/started them. But yes, to answer the question asker, blacks have become very assimilated into standard American life, but American culture is a great mix of both ethnicities- you can always find hints of black culture and hints of Mexican, white, Native American, Asian, etc etc. That's why we're a great country because we have so much influence, but at the end of the day, we're all Americans

    • @ HowBoutUsCowgirls- You're right. That's like a regional thing though in the US so it's not exclusive to whites. But I was wrong to say white people don't have a culture, because the people like the Irish and Norweigan people are white and they do have a culture.

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  • It depends heavily on where you are in the country. Each state practically has its own culture and social attitudes. I grew up in northern california where basically no one cared who you dated as long as it wasn't a child. I now live in Arizona where you rarely see biracial couples beyond white/hispanic, and even then people look.