My ex kissed me suddenly, advice?

Two months after the break up we decided to meet up and have lunch together. After lunch, we sat down and started chatting. Out of a sudden he asked me "Do you ever felt nostalgic. Like us having passionate kisses?"

I replied "Of course, sometimes..." He suddenly kissed me and began to touch me... I was reluctant to kiss him and I pushed him away.

He apologized and we continued to chat and he suddenly kissed me again. This time round, more aggressive.

I pushed him away again and asked him if he was over me. He said he don't know.

But, when he went home he texted me and said that he's over me but, he still have the urge to.

He's currently interested in another girl... I don't understand why did he do that..

I'm confuse. HELP


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  • he still has feelings for you, if its over it is over, so do not indicate any interest such as texting him back or being friends with the guy. If he's in the no sex zone f*** him off :)

    • But, he said that he has gotten over me and he's currently pursuing another girl... Or does he still has feelings for me but, he doesn't know it?

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    • you got three options, ignore him, tell him good bye or do nothing

      ignore him, you don't hurt his feelings but may take a while for him to get the hint,

      tell him goodbye he knows instantly and probably breaks down telling you he loves you (last thing you really need)

      and lastly do nothing and continue to be stringed along :)

      pick your answer

    • Hahas, I see. Thanks :)

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