Am I doing something wrong in the dating world?

[READ ALL] It's almost humorous, yet depressing, how many times I have been theoretically thrown in the trash with EVERY guy I like & likes me.. Although it's happened more times than 3, I'll give the three most prominent examples I have of my recurring failure at romance..

1. This guy & I really like each other.. We hung out at an amusement park all day, texted all night.. He admitted to everyone that he was crushing on me.. But soon enough, another girl comes in [THAT HE'S NEVER MET] & begins to fall for him.. He says he "has to choose" which girl he'll date. I gave him 2 days, with no results. At that point, I said, "Screw it, I'm moving on!" A guy shouldn't have to "choose" which one he loves.. That was ridiculous.

2. I met this guy, and we began to talk.. ALL THE TIME.. He invited me over & everything! I began to crush HARD on this guy, to the point where I actually believed I was in love for the firstT time ever.. He was distrubed that I was a 3 years younger than him & told me he'd date me & love me, if it weren't for my damn age.. I was depressed, yet continued to chase him around.. At this point, I KNOW I was down-right annoying.. But I loved him, or so I thought

so I didn't care! About 6 months later, I got in contact with him & we went to the movies.. The whole time, he was poking my boobs, we were tickling each other, he was sqeezing my thigh & I thought it was wonderful, our bondage.. Of course he gave me many hugs.. We left & I was euphoric! so ELATED! I texted him the next night & told him how much I liked him, only to be "nicely" rejected again. He said, "I'd date you if it weren't for your age." And I said,

"Why does age matter so much?" He said, "Because your body, mind, personality & something else I forget" I cried.. Anyhow, he's a douche, I'm over him.

3. [Most recent.. ):] I began talking to my best friend's cousin, who she believed was my soulmate.. [She's SERIOUS!] And so I was glad, but I wasn't sure if I liked him yet.. We talked more, and I did like him.. Although, I didn't tell anyone. He secretly liked me too, he told my best friend, his cousin, that he did.. I was so glad.. We were talking daily now & making plans to go play baseball & hang out.. And I was so glad.. Elated.. I thought that

for once, my love-life would actually work out! I was on Facebook to see him & one of his schoolmates flirting [We go to different schools.]. And I mean flirting. They were hanging out & everything.. I thought it'd be okay & so, I acted like it was nothing & texted him. NO reply.. A few days later, I texted him. NO REPLY. It was over.. I felt played so bad.. I just found out today that they're now dating..

What's going on with me?! Is it just bad-luck? I find myself fairly outgoing, funny, very easy to talk to, laid back & kind of odd.. I didn't obsessively text guys 1 & 3, only 2.. Hehe. >.< So, can I get some advice, please? Thanks everyone! oh yeah, and I don't crush on every guy. These all happened in different years..


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  • Alright so when I was your age I HATED it when people would start advice by saying "When I was your age..." But it's true. When I was your age just as much stupid flaky sh*t was happening between other people my age and me. It actually only gets a little bit better as you get older, people get slightly more sophisticated but the root problems are all the same. I had my share of stories like this. People just act like brainless morons when they're still in high school. And truthfully, like I said, the same kinds of things keep happening afterward. Everyone's in a big hurry to find love and be in love that they try to get involved at every opportunity while simultaneously trying not to get hurt or miss out on any other opportunities. It's maddening. People calm down a bit as they get older.

    • Thanks..I just look at everyone else & their boyfriends/girlfriends & wonder why I'm not like that.. I guess you're right about the older thing though, xD Thanks!

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