I like this girl but she has a boyfriend, read my story?

We are classmates, we always sit next to each other, I try "flirt" with her and asked her if she has a boyfriend, she told me that she doesn't have one. At the beginning, she replied well to my flirting, eye contact, smiles and things like that. but few days ago, I realized she
Ialready has a boyfriend and she posted a pic with him in her ig story, she told me, she had a guy but they broke up because he lives in another town, I don't get it maybe she liked me but now she go back with his ex boyfriend and she is not longer interested. I've never told her that I like her, actually I act normal with her, like a friend, even though I'm the only one who she talk with the most of the time in class and always walk together to home, she asked me why I'm "strange" and "quiet" lately? I told her that it's nothing, I'm acting normal, maybe she feel strange that I don't say compliments to her or don't talk her too much like before, I wanna we to continue being friends, I know she already has a boyfriend. What should I do?
I like this girl but she has a boyfriend, read my story?
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