Can I ask him to do something too? OR too pushy?

Can I ask him to do something too? OR too pushy? if you did not read this yesterday you can read below...again thanks a lot! :)

I called a guy after my date with him because he told me to call him( called on Tues)( date was on Sat night). I think I hit the wrong button on the phone So I am not sure if the message sent.... So I am waiting to see if he calls me. I was going to call him on Thursday if he did not call me and leave what I did in a message. I don't want to lie but should I say hey I was in a bad area so I was not sure if you got my call but thought I would call so you did not think I forgot about you. What would you say? I don't want to look like a stalker or maybe to into him. Advice please. He is a really great guy and I don't want to mess up anything. Thank you soooo much for the advice!.. :


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  • Going forward, when you get an answering machine and you want to make sure you get to talk to him, always say, "Hey this is so-in-so, sorry I missed you, I'll try again later". He'll know he is allowed to call you back. Wait at least 1/2 day before you try back (if you called in the morning, call again in the evening; if you called in the evening call again the next morning). If you don't get him then, leave the message, "Hey this is so-and-so, just checking in. Talk to you later." After that, you can make another attempt later. At that point it's probably better to wait a few days (everybody has caller ID these days, so he'll know you tried again, and he's probably feeling a little guilty for not returning your phone call).

    Early on, about the only thing a girl is "allowed" to ask a guy to do is come over (for a movie) or meet-up for coffee. Everything else would involve spending money, and even if you plan to buy or go dutch, it comes off a bit presumptuous for some reason. That's not to say you shouldn't have ideas in case he asks (or if the topic comes up). That's always appreciated. Some girls I've known have "faked" a need for help, such as "I have a new painting to hang" or "I can't figure out how to...". Make sure it is a simple task or otherwise he might be a little off-putting. Or you can offer to make him dinner. I've also known a girl to offer up tickets to a sporting event (but they were season tickets of her family's, so she didn't have anything invested).


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  • I always believe in the one-call. Meaning, you already called him once and leave it at that. Go about your life and if he's really interested, he'll call you. Even if he didn't get your missed call, he'll give you a ring if he's into you. And if he doesn't call you, he wasn't worth your time. =)

    we definitely don't want the guy to know/feel that you're waiting around for his call.