He won't reply to my text, advice?

I'm trying to hang out with my ex boyfriend tonight. he's giving me a chance to maybe be his girlfriend again. I asked him yesterady if it was OK if we hang out tonight and he agreed.

so today, I texted him "hey" 2 hours ago and no response.

I NEED to know what's going on, but I DON'T want to pester him. Do I let it go and wait for him to respond to me, or send another text asking if we are still on for tonight? And, how should I word it?


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  • Don't message him again, if you do your just going to look desperate. If he is wanting to see you then he will message you. Another thing, you said "he is giving you a chance to maybe get back together" I went through this before, he wants the upper hand, he wants to be able to call the shots and look how it's going, he's taking his sweet time replying to you while you sit and ponder what is going on. Think about what he may be doing right now, out with friends, having fun etc but you, your sitting on home waiting for his ass. Stop asking him to hang out, stop msging him first or calling him. Let him come to you, once he see's you stopped giving him all your attention he will realize that he misses you, and well if he don't then you know he's not for you. Stop giving him all the control!

  • Try not to be to forward with him, send him another message saying something along the lines of "hey, just thought I'd check if were still hanging out tonight..." and if you still get no response don't hold it against him just be patient, maybe try calling him in about an hour and if he asks why your so eager just say it's because of how much you like spending time with him :) if you can't get a response or he doesn't answer his phone just wait till tomorrow and he might explain. hope this helps

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