To date or not to date, that is my question

First off I should have you guys know, that when it comes to relationships, and getting close to someone I run. I run cause I'm afraid of getting my heart broken (yet again). Okay so there is this boy I have been talking to for a little over a month, things are great, I really think I like him. He asked me the other day if I could see myself in a relationship with him, but we hung out a few days later, and he wasn't affectionate. This got me to start questioning does he really like me or is this just a game? We hang out at least 3x a week, we are both busy with school, work etc. Should I be worried? or am I just crazy, I'm starting to run.


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  • You're panicking and you haven't even asked him about him not being affectionate? That's the first step.


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