Freaking out about my first kiss, advice?

So recently, S just got real for a lot of my friends, and I am still left with my "kissing virginity"

So I really like this guy.

Hes so freakin' perfect for me.

My friends are urging him to kiss me next week at this movie night.

Everyone (including him) knows that I have never been kissed before...

(if you want a backstory bout me and him, go look at my other qs on my page xD)

what do I do?

What if I start to freak out if he does actually try to kiss me?

What if I mess up?

How do I know when to go for it?

Please, please helpp!


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  • Stop over thinking it. Let him chose the when, and just let it come naturally.

    Let him take the lead, don't try anything like French kissing until you're ready.

    And stop over thinking it. Stop thinking "Oh my god! He's kissing me! " and sh*t like that. Turn off your brain, and pay attention to the sensations. Get lost in the moment. Focus on what the touch receptors in your lips are telling you. Anything to shut up that paranoid little voice in your head which will be screaming "What if I laugh? Don't giggle! Am I doing this right?"


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  • Kissing makes some people nervous, but it's easy. Everyone kisses differently, and it will come to you. If you mess up, he probably won't mind since you're good together. Just pucker your lips a little, lean in lightly, and the rest comes naturally. Relax and lean your head a little to make it easier. Good luck. :)

  • you just have to let it happen and don't think abou it too much. it will start to feel natural within the first 10 seconds. and if he likes you he won't care what you do. and honestly there is no way you can really mess it up. if you're a bit shy or nervous just follow his lead and whatever you think he's trying to do (in terms of kissing) he probably is so just go with it. don't think.

    he will probably try during a romantic time in the movie (if there is one). but if you see that he's staring at your lips then you know he wants to kiss you. and when he moves closer to you then you should respond.

    just don't be scared


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