Is it a hang out or a date?

So I have this guy friend who I've really only hung out with once and we talk every now and then online or by text. But lately we've been chatting more. Usually I am the one to initiate the conversation, until a few days ago, when he imd me and I made a comment laughing about how he usually ims me when he's drunk (not true just a joke) and he started explaining how he was off of work and just had a few drinks. it was kind of funny haha. But anyways, the thing is the past few months I had been trying to hang out with him and he was always busy or wouldn't tell me when he was free. But the night I made that comment, he randomly brought up about how there's this new deep fried food featured at the fair and said 'we should go!". So I agreed and we decided to go next weekend. but the next day we were talking about food and he told me about this curry place that's in LA (note: we live about an hour and a half away). I told him I've never been and he said he HAS to take me there. and yesterday we made a plan that he's taking me up to LA to go eat at the curry restaurant and then we're going to drive back home and go to the fair. I like him, and have grown to like him more since we've been talking but is this a hang out or a date?


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  • It's a date but don't label it that unless he does first. Guys aren't interested in just hanging out. If they like you, they take you out on a date.

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