Are we hanging out or dating?

There is this guy I like and we know each other from gym...and we've hung out off and on between February and June , well the times we have not have been due to me not being able to hang out because of exams and assignments and he works offshore...I really like him , but we hang out alone just always went to lunch/ drinks then movies and we have not kissed or anything just getting to know each other and I would be thinking...are we hanging out are we dating...cause I would hold his arm and he'd hold my legs while watching the movies, he'd poke me and pinch my face and I could kinda tell he likes me...BUT then our last "hang out" or "date" I'm not really sure what it is we are doing we haven't established that...i got just a little tipsy and he was talking to me and I know he didn't notice caue he was busy talking , the convo was just flowing and he said I always make him blush when I look at him, he tmade me try his glasses on which he needs to read, I put it on and he thought I was so cute, and we kept touching hands , so he told me I know that I'm good looking, and then I told him that he knows that I like him and after we had to go tto the movies and we went and watched it and I held his hand on my lap and then I crossed my other leg over our hands cause it was cold, and he was just rubbing his thumb against my leg...after he was gonna drop me hom e and we were talking in the car and he tried to rub my back while driving and thn realized not a good idea lol..but then we reached my house and we hugged and I kissed his cheek, then we both just sat there grinng,i said I'm gonna do something brave, an I gave him a peck on the lips and then he said " no that was bold" and he pulled me in and we kissed for like a minute and I said I should go before my mom sees us, and then he said he feels like he's in primary (elementarry) school (LOL), and then he said he really likes me too . It was our first kiss on our 6th I don't know what hang out or date...I really don't know what I'm gonna say next time we hang out cause I have a lot of friends and I don't know if I should intro him as my date or friend...because next thing I say he's my friend and he may not tell me anything and then go off thinking I only want him as a friend and just change his liking to me...but with him in person we have chemistry and it just flows but we don't text a lot or talk on the phone which I thinnk is weird...i'm so acustm to guys rinign off my phone and texting me hella a lot if they like it makes me wonder even though he said he really likes me, does he realy?

and I don;t wanna tell people he's my date when I don't know how he'll react to it...i feel silly never felt like not sure with a guy...i've always known exactly if a guy likes me and in what way without having to ask and with him I have to wonder


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  • Hi! He gave it away when he said he really likes you so be bold like you did and him are we friends, are we dating, or are we an item. initiate a conversation about what type of relationship you two are in because push comes to shove you don't know if he feels as if you don't want to take the relationship no were and if he is seeing other girls as well because dating is not about being exclusive its about seeing what's on the market and I am sure you will be hurt if you see him snatched up with some other chick. So be brave and just ask. We are no longer in the 19th century where the guy has to come to the house and ask to take you on a date or to bethrot you we are in the 21st century where women can ask too. So be bold just like how you initiated the first kiss you can initiate where you two are in a relationship. Men don't control everything women have control over every aspect of life. So don't go changing it letting men control what you do.

    ~Good Luck~ And I'm keeping my fingers cross for you

    • awwww thanks chica =] yea but he doesn't call a lot and text a lot like the other guys I'm wondering about that...but yea I think I need to ask about what he thinks we are...something about him makes me nervous :$ hehe...with other guys I ould be honest aabout what I think...he's so cute like, and he's got muscles, and he's tall, and funny, and sweet, and he wears glasses ( I don't know why I like glasses on guys hehe) and true he always lets me choose everything where we eat, where we hang

    • i'm gonna be 20 and e's gonna be 26 this year...he's a real decent guy and he's almost everything I want in a guy, especially physically and status I'm not picky and guys don't have to be all so successful job wise, they don't have to be evrything on the lit I have for who is my prefect guy, but he comes close and don't wanna let him go or take the wrong moves...thats why I'm being a bit cautious with him

    • Good Luck. I am happy for you. keep me updated if anything happens

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  • Well just say he is your friend then, it's not a big deal.


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  • Sounds like the start of a relationship to me! Next time you go out, ask him cutely, "Are we like...?" And he'll probably finish the sentence, or finish it and ask you what you think, and say "Yea" and smile at him, ta da you got your boyfriend. Kay good luck <3

    • yea I should try that...cause if I never ask I don't know what would happen...i'm kinda grounded until Wednesday so I'll ask him Wednesday thanks =]

    • You're welcome and keep us updated! Just make sure you make some bold moves, he'll definitely love it!

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