Did I get ghosted?

I've been dating this guy for a month now. it's been going well so far. we are both the type of people who dont really like texting every moment of the day. technically bc he works 12 hours and i am busy with studying for college. and we both prefer some independence. although we always have the habit of sending good morning texts and i love yous when beginning each day and we facetime at night until one us is too sleepy to talk. we meet on days he doesn't have work and it all goes well.
however today, i haven't heard from the man at all. last night we were talking per usual and he suddenly disappeared so i figured he slept and texted him goodnight. i usually give him wake up calls for work and he didn't respond to it this morning nor had he responded to my text. me thinking he overslept, i called him a few more times and also texted and again no response at all.
i gave up at that point hoping to hear from him later. and about an hour later he was active on his socials, viewed my snapchat and everything else but did not text or talk at all. I've been feeling like i couldve just got ghosted or sth or maybe i am overthinking i am not sure. i am afraid of calling him or text again bc it already looks very annoying already. he hasn't made any contact with me all day. he is the type of guy i have always wanted and its been going so perfectly it scared when i thought about how bad it could hurt if anything goes wrong. i am trying to keep it very positive and not make a huge deal. but i am so scared of not hearing from him for the rest of the day, and be sure that he ghosted me lol.
Did I get ghosted?
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