Do you guys think my boyfriend has some sort of mental issues or narcissistic disorder tendencies?

Hi y'all, when I first met my boyfriend he showered me w/ excessive attention (calling/texting me 24/7, spending all his time w me staying up until 4 am days in a row despite having to get up for work the next day) and adoration, called me his soulmate, love of his life, said he has never felt this happy etc. called me his dream girl, said I'm the most beautiful. He also said I love you the second day he met me and we went out (save your red flags lecture, I already know now how blind I was lol) and was just so oozing lovey doveyness over me all the time to the point where his friends called him a simp. So, he really put me on a pedestal and even in cases I messed up in the relationship in his eyes I could do no wrong and then he started shifting to a devaluation of me. I suddenly felt taken for granted all the time, he was suddenly super angry over mistakes I made 6 months ago and would use silent treatment on me and hang up if he got upset over something such as me holding him accountable for being rude to me, started saying things to me like "shut the fuck up" and "you wouldn't leave me" when would take hours to call or text & (this devaluing phase/stage began when he bought himself a gaming PC I might add so maybe he found some "shiny new" toy to play with).

and then the last few months he flipped the switch so when he would get mad at me he would say things like "I'm not attracted to you i went out w you because i felt bad" and "I'm not interested in you" and "I need to raise my standards" which is SO contradictory to his behavior in the start of the relationship, trying to bang me multiple times a day even to only wanting to every few days so he went from obsessing over me to treating me like I'm super annoying and putting me down ^ and telling me I'm not pretty enough etc and then he went back and forth a few times w that-telling me I'm not pretty or good enough then saying "I didn't mean it I was just mad" so im wondering if he sounds like he has issues?
Do you guys think my boyfriend has some sort of mental issues or narcissistic disorder tendencies?
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